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REVIEW: Jack Reacher

REVIEW: Jack Reacher

Pittsburgh, PA is turned into the site of a gruesome tragedy when a sniper shoots five innocent people. The man charged with the crime is an ex-Army sniper with a history of bad decisions. His supposed innocence hinges on the truth, but the truth of the law is in evidence and that tree is swaying towards a gallows pole. His only request, find Jack Reacher.

Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) is an Ex-Army MP and a certified drifter. He cannot be found by any means, but lucky for this lone gunman’s defense he shows up unannounced. Swayed by the defense attorney (Rosamund Pike), Reacher promises to find the truth whether it sets a man free or puts the final nail in his coffin.

This movie is fun in the usual action and Tom Cruise sort of way. His persona is supposed to be different, but it’s hard to pull away from the star we know. My main issue is that I am a fan of the character Jack Reacher having read all of the books by author Lee child. So with that in mind I had a hard time buying the character which extended to the story. Though, that shouldn't stop you from heading out to a fun night at the theater. The movie has its high points and I really did enjoy what the director created.

Grade: C+

Rating: PG-13

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