President Obama Gives Commencement Address To Worcester Tech Graduates

President Obama is continuing his push to reform the nation's education system. While giving the commencement address at the DCU Center for Worcester Technical High School, Mr. Obama called for the redesign of American high schools and more high-speed broadband connectivity. Mr. Obama pointed to the school as a model for success, saying he wants the nation to learn from Worcester Tech. This was one of the state's lowest-performing vocational schools before the city and the business community helped fund a new state-of-the-art education facility. Mr. Obama also called on Congress to pass legislation that would make it easier for college students to pay back student loans. Senate Republicans today blocked a bill that would have done that. When the crowd voiced its displeasure, Mr. Obama said, "Don't boo, just remember to vote!" President Obama says other schools around the nation can use Worcester Technical High School as a model for success. Worcester had more than 250 officers on duty for the President's visit. Following the graduation ceremony, Mr. Obama attended a Democratic Party fundraiser at a private home in Weston. 


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